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1. Factory introduction

LANZHOU B. "Annual production of 23,000 tons of fine chemical intermediates such as pharmaceuticals and pesticides (Phase 1 annual output of 16,000 tons of phenylenediamine project)" is located in the Chemical Park of Lanzhou New District, Gansu Province. The project covers an area of 162 acres. The total investment of the project is 280 million yuan ((44 million USD) ). The project adopts micro-channel continuous flow for nitrification, and the whole process realizes continuous production. The company is committed to the direction of research and development, production and sales of dyestuffs and pharmaceutical and pesticide intermediate materials to build a first-class modern fine chemical enterprise in China.

2. Main products

The first phase of the project is to construct a project with an annual output of 16,000 tons of phenylenediamine (13,500 tons of m-phenylenediamine, 2,000 tons of o-phenylenediamine, and 500 tons of p-phenylenediamine)

3. Technical advantages and good response

Nitrification, hydrogenation, diazotization and other reactions

4. R&D team

The company has a public technical service platform, a pilot scale-up base, and a laboratory area of 400 square meters; the company focuses on technological innovation and product research and development, has 20 technical personnel, has established an analysis and testing center, and has more than 40 sets of domestic advanced experimental analysis equipment . Ensure comprehensive, strict and effective quality control of products, ensure that products meet international first-class standards, and formulate new corporate standards.

5. Cooperation needs

(1)Nitrification product sales model: looking for end customers as manufacturers of dyes, materials and other products;

(2)Intermediate product sales model: Seek customers of pharmaceutical intermediates, realize customized commissioned production through the CMO model, and realize the integration of R&D, production and sales as a strategic partner.

6. Future planning

Based on the development strategy of globalization, the company implements product diversification development strategy based on nitrification and hydrogenation, and actively expands the fields of dyes, new materials, and pharmaceutical intermediates. Focusing on existing products and markets, the company will gradually increase the R&D, production and sales of dye intermediates, pharmaceutical intermediates, material intermediates, etc., continuously enrich the company’s product structure, further expand market share, and enhance the company’s comprehensive Competitive advantage, build the company into a specialized and new enterprise in the global nitrification industry.

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